The Big Secret

This is a fictional blog.

As in… Katriel and all the other Pangalactic Sojourners are characters in a series of novellas by AmyBeth Inverness.

The stories are not published yet. As a matter of fact, they aren’t even written. I’m creating the blog to accompany the stories, and it’s much more real and relevant if the blog is created over the course of time, instead of me trying to fictionalize an entire blog after the fact.

Although the characters are fictional, much of the sentiment here is heartfelt. Often, the things they say reflect in some ways my own or my friends’ feelings and experiences. If you find something in the words that is inspirational or comforting or relevant, I hope you aren’t disappointed to discover that the “person” expressing it is fictional.

Comments are welcome! Please keep any comments regarding the novels to either my author site, or here on this page. Please keep all comments on this blog’s posts appropriate to the fictional blog, as if conversing with “real” people. Oh, and don’t assume commenters are real or fictional… both probably exist. I do sometimes ask friends to log on and make a specific comment, either as themselves or as one of the minor characters in the books.

For now (December 2012) I am very specifically NOT advertising or promoting this blog. It is possible that someone will stumble on it, which is fine, but since the blog’s purpose is to embody the fictional blog Katriel and the other Sojourners keep, I won’t actively share or promote any of this blog’s content until the books are published.

This blog will continue to be written by the 5 Pangalactic Sojourners. To find out about the progress of the 5 books that tell their stories, please visit my blog at



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