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Tears Tonight

Published December 15, 2012 by sojournerkat

I’m sorry if this is short and edited funny, but I’m trying to type on my nook and the on-screen keyboard takes some getting used to.

I came into church tonight for the prayer vigil for the school shooting in Newtown today. That’s less than an hour from us. Although none of our Sunday School kids go to Sandy Hook, many in our congregation have friends and family there.

Reverend Longoria and Reverend Daniels have their hands full with all the people pouring in. Some come by and don’t say a word. They just sit quietly for a while, then leave. Some cry. Some need to talk, and many are outraged.

Reverend Saunders (Jordan) and Maria are up in the youth lounge. Some of the older youth have shown up on their own. Some want to be with their friends and reassure each other that they’re OK. Some of the kids were dragged here by their parents, and they really don’t want to think about it or deal with it.

I spent the last twelve hours with Jordan and Maria. Two of the girls are still here now, even though it’s after midnight. They have relatives in Newtown. Their mom drove up there to be with her sister, and wouldn’t let them come with. Apparently they begged their dad to bring them here. They’re understandably upset; they’ve been bending Jordan’s ear for a couple of hours now. They really want answers, but there are no answers to be had.