About Kat

Hi there!

I’m Katriel. But you already knew that. Or maybe you didn’t? I finally decided to start a blog because it was getting impossible to keep up with all the great people I’ve met in my sojourn.

Hmm… OK. So, I should probably tell you a little bit about me, just in case you’re stumbling upon this blog randomly, instead of coming here because you already know me and are trying to find out what the heck I’m doing.

My name is Katriel Weibe, and I’m a sojourner. Like, that’s my job, all official and everything. I’m with a Christian organization that sends people like me all over the country, wherever we’re needed. We’re always based with a specific church, and we usually stay with a host family within the church.

What do we do?

Well, that can vary widely. Sometimes, we’re helping out while the church is in transition, like getting a new pastor, or just starting a new congregation. Sometimes we’re helping out a church that serves a community in need, such as an inner city congregation. But it’s not all about helping the church… it’s reciprocal. It’s a relationship.

So. About me? Well, as you can tell by the blog, I’m a big fan of Douglas Adams. I don’t always carry a towel with me, but I usually have one within reach!


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