About Doug

My parents were huge fans of Douglas Adams, especially his Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. They named me Douglas Adam Smith in his honor, and I hope I’m doing right by him. He was a great man.

I came out at the turn of the millennium, watching the fireworks at the Eiffel tower with my boyfriend. I was almost nineteen, and I’d spent my teenage years hoping and pretending I wasn’t gay. Being not just out of state, but across an ocean from home, with friends who accepted me for who I was, I finally felt like I could be myself.

But not a single one of those friends had one kind word to say about the church, or Christians in general. I went from hiding my sexual orientation to hiding my faith. It wasn’t until long after I graduated and moved on with my life that I finally reconciled the two.

Now I work as a sojourner. The program sends me to spend a few months or a year with various churches across the country. At each placement, I help in whatever way they need me.


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