Happy Hanukkah

Published December 9, 2012 by sojournerjorgenssen

Matthias_Stom_-_Holy_Family_-_Google_Art_ProjectWhat if Jesus Christ was around today?

I’m not talking about the second coming or Armageddon or anything like that, no…

What if he just quietly slipped down to Earth as a perfectly average Jewish-guy-next-door?

What would he think of all the holiday celebrations, or lack thereof, around the world?

Yes, I think he would be weirded out about seeing a plastic version of himself as a baby, but I think he’d understand. Athletes see themselves on cereal boxes, celebrities see themselves in tabloids. Although most great persons are celebrated as adults, that is because their greatness came upon in adulthood. Jesus was special from the moment of his conception. He also died quite young, by today’s standards. It is simply an affectation of today’s society that we have a plethora of images and other representations of the story.

I don’t think he’d be at all surprised about how inaccurate all the details are now. After all, it’s been a couple thousand years! Even the best documented events get skewed by the eyeglass of time.

What would he think of the conflict in the middle east? Horrified and saddened I’m sure. Aren’t we all?

What about the wars? So many… of course he’d be sickened and saddened by these as well.

But the people… I know he’d love the people. Even the jerks. That’s what he does, and he does it well. And he’s Jewish, so this time of year, he’d be eating oodles of latkes and celebrating Hanukkah with the community.

Happy Hanukkah, not just to my Jewish friends, but to you all.250px-Menorah_0307


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