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Published September 29, 2012 by sojournerjorgenssen

Glory to God in the Highest!

I have a placement. Kat tells me I was supposed to blog about it when I first found out, but it’s kinda too late, I’m here.

Do you know what’s interesting about Detroit? You can go south and end up in Canada. This amuses me. And the cities in this area have all kinds of interesting names: Bad Axe, Frankenmuth, Wyoming (yes, Wyoming Michigan,) and Ypsilante. Then there are the pretty names like Ann Harbor, Brighton, and St Clair.

I’m in Dorian Bluffs, to which the usual response is “He sure does.” Not a terribly funny joke. It’s like an insider thing I don’t quite get yet.

Moving into my place here has been really smooth, actually. Dorian Bluffs Universal Unitarian is a big church. From what I understand, my main position will be to lead a mid-week bible study on… er… the Bible (the church has a large percentage of non-Christian members) and I think they’re kind of hoping I’ll coach the volleyball team.

My biggest challenges? Being a Vikings fan in Lion country, and walking up three flights of stairs to my apartment.