Published August 15, 2012 by sojournerjulie

So… down to basics. A brick of cream cheese, an egg, and some sugar. Whatever crust you want, or no crust at all. Actually, your average 9″ cheesecake needs twice this basic recipe. And then there’s all the extra stuff… a little vanilla (the real stuff, never fake. You’re better off using none at all rather than using the fake stuff.) Chocolate or other flavorings. And you can get really creative with all kinds of chunky mix-ins.

Ford insists that cheesecake be “pure.” He wants just a plain slice that he can decide how to decorate. Today, he put a piece in a bowl and covered it with, I kid you not, Captain Crunch and milk.

Yes, he did eat the whole thing.

Rev. Mark and I had a long discussion about churches in general today while I was baking. I think he was trying to get a feel for where I might finally find a placement. Most sojourners are single, and free of other commitments other than calling their moms on Mother’s Day.

My situation is slightly more complicated.

Anywho, just like some people like to add a little ricotta or condensed milk to their cheesecakes, Christian churches have a plethora of traditions and policies they can add to the mix. One service each week? Two? Maybe a midweek service? Or Mass several times a day? Do you keep any of the archaic language like Thee and Thou, or do you change all your hymns to modern English whether or not it rhymes? And don’t get me started on all the options surrounding holy communion.

I’ve seen dozens of sojourners come through training and move on to placements. I’m hopeful that Rev. Mark will find a place for me and Ford (and the dog) soon, but honestly, I really like it here. I don’t mind if we end up sticking around through the winter, although I have heard that the snow can fall pretty deep and heavy here in the Springs…

I’ll keep you posted.


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