Published August 11, 2012 by sojournerkat

Thank God for air conditioning.

I mean it! The airports, the plane, the car, and the house once I got here.

After spending most of the summer in New Orleans, I am so very happy to be in a place where my clothes aren’t sticking to my sweat all the time. I actually put on a sweatshirt by the time I got to NYC.

Actually, I’m being spoiled completely rotten. I was met at the airport by Jordan, the youth pastor, and Maria, my host family’s grand-daughter. Jordan had actually looked up how to spell “Katriel” in Hebrew, and Maria…

Oh, Maria. She took one look at my towel and asked me if I was expecting a Vogon construction fleet! I see this as a good omen.

Maria’s grandparents are my hosts. Their house isn’t huge, but I have the upstairs all to myself. It has all kinds of closets and built-in storage, as well as a flat screen TV and internet and cable and Netflix and air conditioning and all kinds of amenities I never even dreamed of.

Tomorrow, I get to meet everyone at church. Exciting day!


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