I’m Off to See the Wizard

Published May 31, 2012 by sojournerkat

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of June? I totally missed that. I’m still into Spring… the lilacs, the cool breezes, the bits of snow that still show up in the mountains here in Colorado. I’m not quite ready for summer yet. I want to linger. I like it here. It’s comfortable…

But I’m a sojourner. To wander is my trade. to bring not only a piece of myself, but a piece of everywhere I’ve visited to new places, and to take a piece of those new places back with me and onward, wherever my sojourn takes me.

So, now that the hot months are upon us, where am I going? South! Louisiana! New Orleans!

The odd thing is, I’m not going to be placed with a specific church like most sojourners are. I had a long talk with Rev. Mark, and he suggested New Orleans as a temporary… well, his words were “a holding pattern.” He feels that there is something on the horizon for me, but it’s just not ready yet. In New Orleans, I can work with several ecumenical missions, helping to coordinate the groups that come down to New Orleans from all over, helping to restore what Katrina destroyed seven years ago. Although I’m not looking forward to the heat and humidity, I am looking forward to doing something that’s more concrete than philosophical.

I’m sticking around Sojourner HQ for a few more days, then I’m off.

I’ll keep you posted.


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