Memorial Day

Published May 27, 2012 by sojournerjulie

Rev. Mark’s little girl Annie, who hid inside the alter for most of the parade.

I’m glad that my first post with the Pangalactic Sojourners is for Memorial Day. This holiday has always had a lot of meaning for my family. Both my mom’s side and my dad’s side have a proud history of serving in the military.

On Monday, Ford and I are going to visit some local cemeteries and historical markers. I think it’s important to teach our children to remember and be thankful for those who sacrificed themselves for the freedom we enjoy in the United States today. We usually take some crayons and paper with us to do some rubbings on the old stones. It’s good to actually feel and touch the memorial; that makes it a far more intimate experience than just walking around and looking.

This morning the sojourner trainees jumped onto the float that a few of the local churches put together. Just a truck pulling a flatbed with hay bales, and banners saying “God loves everybody” and “All Are Welcome.” My biggest contribution was the bread… we handed out individually wrapped yeast rolls, and grape jolly ranchers. What a fun way to symbolize communion! The pastors were flicking water at the crowd with what looked like little brooms. They made a point of not saying the word Baptize, and I think that was good because to actually baptize someone requires a conscientious choice on the part of the baptized. Actually, the crowd loved it. The pastors said things like “It’s hot outside, but God is cool!” while sprinkling the audience. Although a couple of people sheltered their digital cameras from the sprinklers, only one actually seemed to shrink away as if offended by the holy water. (I think she may have been a vampire, and was afraid it would burn her skin :P)

So how do we as Christians celebrate Memorial Day? As citizens of the USA, we remember and honor those who served our country, whether they were enlisted military, or some other kind of support personnel. We honor them whether they are fellow Christians, or Muslim, or Athiests. God taught us to love and take care of each other. Just as our soldiers fight for all of us regardless of our faith, so we honor all soldiers regardless of theirs.


5 comments on “Memorial Day

  • Unfortunately, yes. I talked to one of the Baptist preachers from the other float, and he said she was openly scowling at anything Christian.

    And now, for something completely different…

    Remember the other night when we were staying up to watch Dragon approach the ISS? Every time you made a Hitch Hiker’s reference, Jake smiled. I maneuvered myself closer to him, and he can quote almost anything from any of the books! At least, as far as I could tell… I’ve just finished the first one, and I’m going to start the second one tonight.

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