Happy Towel Day!

Published May 25, 2012 by sojournerkat

And Geek Pride Day… and DragonX about to connect with the ISS Day…

My sleep schedule is completely screwed up. We did one of those lock-ins where they take away everyone’s watches and we just move from one activity to another as we feel like it. I’m having so much fun back here at Sojourner HQ that I might never want to leave! Alas, there is only room for a few full-timers and I’m not one of them. But it’s been a blast meeting the latest batch of sojourners. I’ve even talked one into maybe, just maybe joining the blog! She’s never actually read the Hitch Hiker books, but she has an 8yo son named Ford. I think I scared her when I squeed at his name… she’s not used to that reaction lol! She’s half finished the first book already, and she only started… um… I think a couple of days but, like I said, I lost track of time.

Anywho, the lock in’s over but a few of us have decided to keep the campfire going all night, sitting out under the stars until 3:40 am when we should get a 2 minute glimpse of the ISS and Dragon as they fly over. According to NASA’s orbital tracking site, the max elevation is 42, which I take as a good sign for Towel Day. It should rise 40 above NW, which is in the mountains and might make it hard to see at first. It sets at 26 above NNE which, from where we’re sitting, is a great view. We’ve had scattered clouds, but I think it’s clear enough to see. Even if we don’t we’re having a great time!


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