Kat Told Me I Have to Blog

Published May 12, 2012 by sojournerdoug

Greetlings fellow sojourners, friends, family (Love you Mom!) and assorted random internet people who have stumbled upon this blog.

My name is Doug, and I’m a sojourner. I know, that sounds like an AA meeting. But a large part of my job at First Church is helping set up for AA every day at noon. I’m also in charge of teaching people how to use the fancy new dishwasher, and making sure the bulletin accurately informs the parents whether Sunday School is a normal day in class, or an art-day in Fellowship Hall.

News… let’s see… Rev. Larkin is recovering nicely from his bypass surgery, and it’s looking like he’ll be returning to the pulpit full time instead of retiring.  I’m still taking care of a lot of the tasks he can’t do, and I’ve agreed to extend my sojourn here until he’s ready to take on full-time ministering again. The only bad part about that is Mrs. Larkin is one of those women who looks at a perfectly healthy young man and decides that he must be starving to death. She’s an excellent cook, and feeds me well. Their son is graduating from SUNY next week, and I felt a little weird about the fact that I’m living in the basement apartment that used to be his. But he got a great internship in Silicon Valley, and he’ll only be home for a few days in between graduation and starting his new job.

As for all of you women (This means you, Mom) asking about my love life 1) Yes, I’m still gay 2) No, I haven’t met anyone “special” lately and 3) Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t announce it in a blog post.


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